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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  December 5, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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okay for people who need more information and who are dealing with this disease dr. ruth's guide for alzheimer's caregiver is available in stores now. thank you for coming on. always interesting to talk to, dr. ruth. good night everybody thanks for watching. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: welcome to "the young turks." you know what we're going to do tonight? we're going to make fun of republicans--of course! then we're going to argue with them. there is one back there--shh. then tommy chong comes on the show to defend legal marijuana and then we bring a conservative to argue with tommy chong. turns out now in afghanistan we're purposely targeting kids. that's a devastating story. then we'll turn back to have fun here because today is actually the one-year anniversary of the "the young turks" on current
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television. all right, it is, in fact, go time. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: man, these republicans cannot let it go. they are still crying about the he election. do you remember john sununu who was throwing out all those racial comments and we wondered if he just stoked the base or if he meant it? he meant it. they aggressively got out the base of their base. the base of their base that's dependent to a great extent economically on government policy and government programs. the eighth republican in a row to say oh, he lost, and he's giving stuff away, who is the base of their bases you know what i'm talking. man, when are you going to stop crying? you lost. get over it. do something else with your life. roger simon wrote a great
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article in making fun of them. the new republican ideas well, obviously he couldn't win. you can't beat a black guy. he said, quote their idea is it is not fair. romney was cursed with white skin, and rich and powerful father. the best education money could buy, and numerous cars, houses, boats, and offshore bank accounts. life can be so cruel. i loved the way that he mocked him. meanwhile what is john boehner up to? other than fighting the president on the grand bargain and the so-called fiscal cliff, he said if you do filibuster reform, and you actually can get legislation passed through the senate well, we would hate that because we love gridlock in washington as the republicans right? so he said, if the senate reforms it, the filibuster, we'll block every vote. quote, any bill that reaches the republican-led house based on
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the senate democrat's heavy handed power play would be dead on arrival. if you thought gridlock was bad before, wait until you get a load of the new gridlock where he would kill every single bill. do you remember what president obama said before the election? i'll remind you don't worry here it comes. my hope, my expectation is that after the election, now that it turns out that the goal beating obama does not make much sense because i'm not running again that we can start getting some cooperation again. hate to do it to you but wrong again, bob. it doesn't look like you're going to get a lot of cooperation. but then the radical wing of the republican party said no the republicans are being too soft and boehner is being too light on the president. his grand bargain proposal the republican counter offer to the extent that it can be interpreted from the hazy details now available is a dud. it's utterly unacceptable.
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it is bad policy and bad economics. that's the heritage foundation. they're saying it's too liberal boehner's proposal. that's funny. >> to think that the fever will have broken, you have this sort of tea party wing of the party controlling their party. i've said this before, what we need is a republican party. we need leaders that can control their party. >> cenk: yeah, it doesn't look liarlike they're controlling it right now. on the other hand the president has gotten tougher than he was in the first term and he lays down the law again today. >> the thinking is that the republicans will have more leverage because there will be another debt ceiling and we'll extract with stronger leverage on the debt ceiling. i just have to tell you that is--that is a bad strategy for america. it's a bad strategy for your businesses. and it is not a game that i will
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play. >> cenk: damn! he's not going to play that game. i hope he means it. so we'll see how that turns out of course. now let's have some fun. let's bring in jude freeman. a conservative in los angeles. what happened, due get lost. >> and jewish, yes very lost. >> cenk: let's talk about boehner and the grand bargain. are you with the heritage who says it's too soft or does it make sense. >> grover norquist said we should film it all. republicans, democrats and just call it survival washington, and watch this for 24 hours as long as it takes them to work something out. >> cenk: yes, it's not going to happen, and i'll tell you why the guys who will block it are the republicans. i'll tell you why they're the ones who want to cut medicare and social security, which is deeply unpopular.
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they don't want that on tape. they said to obama well, we don't want to make those cuts that are clear here because it would be counterproductive. you see what i'm saying, the republicans don't want to do that. >> both parties don't--to me, i don't believe want to do much of anything. how many people out there in america so many people watching the show actually know what they're talking b because we don't believe that they know what they're talking about. >> cenk: i think in the end--don't worry judah, i think you'll get the deal that you like a lot. >> as a conservative, and i just want to say this, i'm one of those more newer conservatives in the sense that i'm the person without a party right now. because i don't necessarily agree with everything that they're doing. but i don't necessarily agree with what the other side is doing, either. >> cenk: you and me, both, brother. and there are things that i disagree with the democrats on. so tell me why you consider yourself a conservative. in the grand bargain obama said i'm going to give you 3-to-1,
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isn't that fair? i think that's way too fair. >> here's my thing on--you treat an alcoholic you don't treat alcoholic with therapy. you're basically in a sense treating something--you're cutting a wound and you're trying to put a band aid on it. we're not dealing with the real issues here. >> cenk: the real issues which is we don't tax nearly enough. >> do you actually trust the people--let's say that we do tax people and trust them with the money we're giving them. if you can say that we trust the people in washington, people who have been in power longer than we're alive. >> cenk: that's a good point and i don't trust them at all. if you watch this show, democrats or republicans, i think they're all bought because we have set up an election with that's how they win. and they pay back those favors. but at the same time we're all
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paying taxes even under this corrupt system. why are the rich paying a disproportion atally lower taxes. i'm the first one who wants to clean it up, why is it doubly corrupt that they're not paying their fair share. when you look at our golden age we pay 70 to 90%. >> i have no problem with saying let's raise taxes. the problem is i don't trust the people that we give the money to. >> cenk: you still have to do the spending cuts and they're not going to come from the corrupt places. it's going to come from the needy. >> if we don't deal with the youth in our country right now. lock at our schools. i'm all for healthcare and schools. i'm all for free food in schools because then we're getting people when they're young teaching them how to live life. we have a society where we give a bed away a month to people in need. all they have to fill out an essay or submit a video.
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i have people complain that that's too much. that that's too much. that's where we are in our society right now. i'm willing to give entitlement. but the least we ask that they write an essay. >> cenk: those are slightly different issues. asking for an essay no problem. i'm with you but when they say entitlements it mainly refers to medicare and social security, which we paid into. >> exactly, but you're asking people, we do have to cut many things. >> cenk: not medicare--but the republicans-- >> they're never going to cut the military. we're constantly dealing with the same three things that are on the table that are affecting many but not dealing with the major core issues in our country right now. as a young conservative, these are things that are important to deal with. how many people do you know, and let's be honest that have cable cable, internet, car, but if you
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ask them if they have health insurance, they say no. >> cenk: the answer is seven. >> many people i know that are constantly complaining. >> cenk: i think you're misdirecting. the people who complain the most are those who got the most, the bang injuries that's a whole-- >> cenk: oh, no, when they got all the bait yowlout. judah, we have to leave it there. thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> cenk: walmart, we didn't know about the fire in bangladesh. that's a subcontractor. then we find out something very different. >> fire officials say the only way out was down open staircases that fed right into the flames. some workers died as they jumped from higher floors. >> cenk: we find out that they chose not to spend extra money on fire safety. oh the devastating. we'll give you the details when we come back. then tommy chung joins us.
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they're about to legalize marijuana. >> do you have narcotics or marijuana in here. >> not any more. >> even in the transcripts they said i am in here because did i these movies. >> cenk: then the elbow of the day. you're going to be shocked to find out that it's on a republican's head find out later in the program.
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[ male announcer ] with 7 benefits it goes deep to remove grease, gunk and flakes. deep. like me. [ male announcer ] head & shoulders deep clean for men. ♪ ♪ (vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. >> cenk: recently 112 people died in a factory in bangladesh. walmart said they had nothing to do with it and could not have
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prevented it. that turned out not to be exactly true. >> this is a perfect example of what happens when there is lag of regulation. "abc news" has more on this story 12,347. >> the fire broke out on a ground floor. workers were working for the holiday rush in stores including walmart. the only way out was down open staircases that led right into the flames. some workers died as they jumped from upper floors. they have recovered 112 bodies in what is a grizzly fact of life for workers in bangladesh garment factory. >> some of those who died were only 14 years old. what happened after the fire? considering the workers were
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making $0.21 per hour they received $1,200, which is ridiculous. nothing especially when you consider all the lost lives in the story. but you know, walmart says indirectly maybe this factory was providing some retail for their stores, in fact, let me tell you their quote. they said the supplier subcontracted work to this factory withouter authorization and in direct violation of our policies. we have terminated that relationship with that supplyier. scott nova who works for worker right consortium said they're being a little deceptive here. it was not a single rogue supplier as walmart claimed. there were several suppliers working in a factory. it stretches credulity to think that walmart famous for its tight control over its global
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supply chain didn't know about this. what is more fascinating about this story is that bloomberg released a story indicating that last year walmart had the opportunity to do something about the safety conditions within these factories. retailers came together and they were going to possibly fund some upgrades to these factories to make sure that workers would be safe. walmart was not in favor of spending the money to make these facilities safe for the workers. according to one official at walmart, specifically to the issue of any corrections on electrical and fire safety we are talking about 4500 factories, and in most cases very extensive and costly modifications that would need to be under taken in some factories it's not financially feeds edge for the brands to make such investments. cenk, it's not feasible to make these types of adjustments. we're talking about human lives here. it's much more important for them to make as much profit as possible than to save human lives.
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>> cenk: think about it. i don't know how much those fix was have cost, but probably a decent amount. actually many of the other companies were willing to make those adjustments. they were willing to sign on the agreement. when walmart wouldn't sign on, gap backed away, too. saying they wouldn't be the ones. instead they're paying $134,000 combine for all the deaths, and to walmart that's almost nothing. >> let me give you a number that will blow your mind. it won't blow your mind, it's not surprising. in the fiscal year ending january 2011, walmart had a net profit of $15.4 billion. >> i wonder if they could have afforded the safety regulations. >> it's ridiculous. >> cenk: let's hope there is something positive. 14 died after 18 suicide attempts then we got regulation in china. in 1911 in the u.s. we had the
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triangle shirt waist fire that led to deaths and that wound up giving us more regulations. sometimes regulation saves lives. remember that the next time you see the anti-regulatory fever that you see so many other places on television. all right let's bring in teresa hahn the director of a labor rights organization, and they were the ones conducting investigations of working conditions in factories around the globe. teresa, do you have a sense of when walmart said those are too expensive, we can't do it. how true or untrue is that relative to their cost? is it really that would be prohibitively expensive or a regular course of business? >> it's something that walmart absolutely has the financial ability to do and could do it for a relatively small part of their overall finances. it's a matter of political will in walmart and the companies are
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not willing to put forward to them what is a relatively small amount of money that would ultimately save the lives of hundreds if not thousands of their workers for their suppliers. >> cenk: we're at fault. if it was 122 americans that died in a fire it would be the biggest story in america by far. 122 people die in bangladesh, i'm asking you what do you think? do we have the requisite outrage to make sure something gets fixed. >> i think we should. you mentioned the triangle shirt waist fire and we developed regulation to prevent tragedies like that. but what we did was outsource thosethat work to other countries. for consumers in the u.s. it should be no different. we've taken the conditions from here and put them somewhere
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else. it's a little bit further away and it's easier to hide. >> cenk: that's powerful i never heard it that way outsourcing the tragedy. some say this is the natural progression of capitalism. >> walmart has taken capitalism to the extreme. they are the biggest buyer from bangladesh and they drive it to the lowest price. walmart will go to their suppliers year after year and demand even lower prices. it would be possible for walmart to continue to make a very substantial profit without having to constantly force it's suppliers to cut health and safety regulations to cut back on fire prevention measures etc. and still maintain an excellent business. >> cenk: and still paid less wages here in the u.s. significantly. so it's not like they're going to be paying extravagant wages. i want the audience to
4:21 pm
understand. it's not walmart. all of our corporations do this. walmart was the company in this case that had the clothes being made in that particular factory. you know, we've got to expect better from our companies even if it means that we pay a couple of cents extra at the store. teresa, thank you. i really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> cenk: by the way, you know, i buy the chicken that's free range because i don't want them cooped up in a little box. am i willing to pay a couple of cents more to make sure that people don't die in a fire in bangladesh? yes. i hope we can all get to that point. when we come back we'll talk about the legalization of pot. tommy chong joins us. >> tommy chong was sensed to nine months in federal prison for selling bongs on the internet. finally the terror alert can go back to green. >> cenk: i don't know about that. he's in the building. tommy chong is in the building. somebody raise the terror alert.
4:22 pm
we'll do that when we come back. and medicaid. there are real issues here. having been a governor, i know that trade-offs are tough. things everyday exploding around the world that leave no shortage for exciting conversations. i want our viewer to understand why things have happened. at the end of the show, you know what has happened, why its happened and more importantly, what's going to happen tomorrow.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: now what do i always tell you? that america is a fundamentally progressive country right? i got more numbers to back that up today. back in 2008 which of course is not that long ago when they asked about same-sex marriage, 36% supported it, but 55% were
4:25 pm
opposed. i'm sorry, 55% were opposed. that doesn't seem progressive. now look at the numbers today. 48% support and 46% oppose. when is the last time that you saw a conservative on the right side of history. give us time and people will go back to segregation. no. give us time, and people will take away rights from women. no. give us time and people will take away rights from gays. no, that's not how it works. we progress forward. fundamentally progressive country. i can give you more. immigration was an issue well, come on, liberals aren't winning on that, wrong again bob. 57 there's say undocumented immigrants should be allowed to stay and seek citizenship. that's a big number. 70% support president obama's plan to help undocumented immigrants who were brought into the country as children to avoid
4:26 pm
depourtation. fundamentally progressive. when you get to marriage, marijuana we're which hadding on that. 51% support legalizing, 44% oppose. the majority of the country says it's time to legalize! just say yes. in washington and colorado, that's exactly what they've done. it goes into effect in month in colorado. but today at midnight washington legalizes a small amount of marijuana for you to carry and use as you wish. it's a huge step forward. now this war on drugs has been going on forever. there have been a lot of casualties. one of them is tommy chong. they sent him to prison for nine months. there was a documentary made about it it's called "aka tommy
4:27 pm
chong." >> america's number one economy is drug abuse. >> do your own thing has been replaced in the 80s by just say no. >> the only thing that i've ever been is an ex-drug user. >> do you have any narcotics or drugs in here? >> not any more. >> even in the transports they say i'm in here because i did these movies. >> federal agents raided the actor's home. >> tommy chong was sentenced nine months to prison for selling bongs on the internet. finally the terror alert can go back to green. >> cenk: he's in the studio now. hey, tommy how are you doing. >> good. >> cenk: tommy does a podcast called the chong show that talks about the legal impact of
4:28 pm
marijuana. >> surprise, surprise. >> cenk: so you are preeminent expert on this issue. >> yes. >> cenk: how much of a difference do you think the laws in washington and colorado are going to make? >> huge, huge difference. it's going to bring about the legalization of hemp. you'll be able to grow hemp in this country again. >> cenk: well, i know the founding fathers would have been very much against that. >> yeah, right jefferson. >> cenk: yes, washington and jefferson had hemp farms. >> yes well, everybody had hemp farms back then. you needed them. it's going to legalize hemp, and it's also going to empty the jails. and probably going to disband the dea. >> cenk: really? you're really optimistic about this. >> yes. >> cenk: do you think it will spread to the other states. >> absolutely, are you kidding? washington and colorado, they're just--the toe into the water. the rest will follow.
4:29 pm
>> that's what the dea and the feds are worried about. there is all this talk whether the obama administration will crackdown on colorado and washington, and not let them do it. >> no. >> cenk: how do you think that will play out. >> first of all he doesn't have to worry about an election. obama has tipped his hand when he legalized the gay marriage. so all he has to do is reschedule pot from scheduled one to schedule two then it becomes a medical issue and then the states can decide themselves if they want it legal or not. >> cenk: tommy, he broke records on drug dispensary raids his first term. he appointed the bush appointee the head of the dea. >> he's also a black guy from hawai'i who used to surf. >> cenk: most importantly, he used to smoke. >> that's what i'm saying into that's what drives me crazy. at least the last three
4:30 pm
presidents smoked marijuana. they didn't serve any jail time. they became president of the united states. and you served nine months. >> not only a pot smoker, but cocaine user, george bush. >> cenk: yes. >> the hypocrisy are bedfellows. >> cenk: i heard you took the plea deal to spare your son and your wife. >> that was--that's what they told me because legally i was clean. they couldn't touch me because the most iowas my face on a bong. >> cenk: it's not like tommy was dealing drugs or anything. you were selling bongs. >> legally selling bongs. we had a factory in gardena california. we were paying taxes. there was a little law that was only used once on me, i think a paraphernalia law that said it was illegal to ship
4:31 pm
paraphernalia across state lines. that made it a federal offense. by the way joe biden wrote the law. >> cenk: i hope you're right. biden and obama don't have a great record on this. let's bring in a different point of view. you and i agree we're optimistic about the laws that we hope it goes in the right direction and spreads across the country. i'll bring in sandra, a member of colorado concern. i don't believe she shares our point of view. what is your take on legalizing marijuana in colorado. >> good evening cenk, happy to be here. i represent the business community, and we're very concerned about the passage of amendment 164 and it's implication for business and for colorado. >> cenk: why? >> that's our concern. >> cenk: i don't get that? i guess if you represent the alcohol companies you might be worried about competition but why the business.
4:32 pm
>> we're concerned about productivity our liabilities our obligations and relationship to our employees. it changes the relationship. we have established a constitutional right to use marijuana, and that changes the game. we have concerns about that. >> what she is saying is drug testing in the workplace. that will be moot. we won't have to worry about people losing their jobs like airline pilots. >> cenk: i want to clarify that. look you can't drink alcohol while you're operating machinery. you can't do it at work. so even if you have a legal right to smoke pot at home, you don't have a right to smoke it if you're the pilot of a plane or anything. what's the difference. >> that's correct. you don't under amendment 64 you don't have the right to smoke pot while on the job, that is right. but you do have the right and you do have the right to utilize it off the job.
4:33 pm
and. >> so. >> and the specific statute that provides for some protection for those who use it. our concern is that they come to work impaired disspied using it off duty, impairment on the job is problematic. >> cenk: if they were impaired during the job, you can fire them. no one argues with that. that's the law. >> well, i think there's a real question about that. that's why we've asked the federal government to provide guidance and preferably enforce the controlled substances act. that's a gray area for us. we don't know the answer to that question. you have created a constitutional protection for use, and whether or not we can terminate. we could be subject to lawful termination suits. we would like to see hence our
4:34 pm
letter-- >> cenk: tommy, are you buying this? >> no. here's the thing. marijuana enhances the creative ability of artists. that's well-known. it goes all the way back to rembrandt and van gogh, for instance. >> he lost his mind. >> yeah, but creatively his works of art are worth millions of dollars. >> cenk: see the business community should like that.% >> the computer itself, you wouldn't have a computer if it wasn't for pot. >> cenk: really, why? >> because all of the people that invented the computer, that's how they invented it. >> cenk: no, really? i didn't know that. >> there is a statute to you of jimi hendrix. >> cenk: and he was a huge pot smoker. >> go through the whole line. these aren't guys that are smoking pot just to relax or to
4:35 pm
cure some medical ailment. these are guys smoking pot so they can get the creative ideas that pot creates. we wouldn't have the beatles. the beatles would not have sergeant pepper had it not been for pot. that's proven. before pot it's "i want to hold your hand." after pot it's "strawberry field fields forever." >> cenk: some want to go back to bing crosby. what is the real reason. you know you can fire people if they're on pot. what is the real reason. >> that is the real reason. i have to comment on the creative. we also know that pot diminishes over long-term use there is diminishment of productiveity. >> cenk: steve jobs is the biggest generousbiggest genius in
4:36 pm
america. >> marijuana on unlike alcohol, is not addictive. people who smoke pot want to smoke pot. they don't have to smoke pot. they just want to smoke pot. there are a continue of people all over the world in amsterdam for instance, it's illegal there, but every citizen in amsterdam does not smoke pot. it's a small percentage who smoke pot legally. >> cenk: we're out of time. on the issue of impairment, barack obama, bill clinton steve jobs none of them seem long-term impaired. on the other hand, sandra, to your point, george w. bush. it was a great conversation. sandra solin and tommy chong. thank you so much. >> i brought a present. >> cenk: theseyou did?
4:37 pm
>> these are called not a pipe. >> cenk: what do they do? >> you're not supposed to take them off. and you're not supposed to take them out of the string. >> cenk: which you just did. >> and you're not supposed to put the substance in this end. and you're not supposed to light it. >> cenk: then i will not do that after you give it to me. >> it's not a pipe. >> cenk: all right, thank you, tommy. i appreciate it. when we come back, now seriously, i've got a serious story. the serious one is blackwater. they're back, and getting no good contracts again. >> in september of 2007 blackwater said one of its convoys came under fire at a baghdad intersection and it's operatives were fighting for their lives when they open fired. >> cenk: and then a moment from our one year anniversary on current. [ cheering ] >> cenk: welcome to the "the young turks." we've got an awesome show for you tonight!
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>>now let's get some real news. (vo) first, news and analysis with a washington perspective from an emmy winning insider. >>you couldn't say it any more powerfully than that. >> current tv, on the roll. (vo)followed by humor and politics with a west coast edge. >>ah, thank you. >>it really is incredible. (vo)bill press and stephanie miller, current's morning news block. weekdays six to noon. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] you know blackwater is a notorious private contractor we've used in iraq and afghanistan. in september of 2007 they got into a lot of trouble as they should have for killing 17 civilians in iraq. do you remember this report from cnn back then. >> in september of 2007 blackwater said one of its convoys came under fire at a baghdad intersection.
4:42 pm
iraqis called it unprovoked and premedicated murder. 14 civilians lost their lives. the youngest, a nine-year-old shot in the head in the backseat of a car as his father helpless helplessly watched him die. >> they're known for their aggressive behavior and they have little regard for iraqi law or population and single out blackwater being the most notorious. >> cenk: since blackwater got into so much trouble for all that they decided they could fix it by changing their name to z. that did not do the job. now it's changed to academy. that sounds very distinguished. but that 2007 shooting was not the only time they have been in trouble. a former blackwater employee has implicated the founder eric prince the original founder, in murder charges. they were investigated for war crimes for killing those 17 civilians in iraq. they stole military weapons. they would say they diverted the
4:43 pm
weapons from their owner to themselves in afghanistan, and there was an investigation of that in the senate, and they were convicted two of their employees were convicted of murdering two afghans. this is a company that has been in trouble over and over again. what are we going to do? of course, we're going reward them. not just the regular contract, a no bid contract. do you remember the no-bid contracts, oh my god we started the iraq war. we have to get this started right away. we've been in afghanistan for ten years. we don't need no bid contracts. it's just the normal course of business. they don't believe in the free market. here are our buddies at academy, we'll give them the money. $22 million, moving some of our joint forces guys over to this camp. you know what it's called? camp integrity. camp integrity. how is that for orwellian. that's not the only thing going
4:44 pm
wrong in afghanistan. "new york times" explains we recently killed three kids, an 8-year-old a 10-year-old and a 12-year-old. they explain what the kids were doing. the officials said that the children were killed in a n.a.t.o. strike on sunday afternoon as they were gathering dung to burn as fuel. a common practice in the desert reaches of southern afghanistan where there are few trees. so look, it's tragic that the three kids died. you know what dung is, they have to collect it for energy, unbelievable. it's much, much worse, there is an article in the military times, and lieutenant colonel marion carrington says this about that. it turns out not an accident. we meant to do it. quote, it kind of opens our aperture in addition to looking for military-age males it's looking for children with potential hostile intent. jesus, man what have we become?
4:45 pm
that is so disturbing. now we're targeting eight-year-olds because we think they might have hostile intent when they were literally picking up dung to make sure that their family had heat. is this america? it's really sick, and we've got to get it under control. now when we come back, we're going to go to a much lighter topic, of course. the one year anniversary. some of the highlights from this year. it's a fun segment come right back. >> is rand paul in that calculous. >> that's a great question, epic politician man. [ chuckling ] when the chocolate is hershey's. life is delicious.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: all right, today is our one-year anniversary on "the young turks" here on current television. and we just want to take a moment to go through our favorite moments that have year. jayar, you just changed it over at the break. >> yes. this is the second year's worth because there was tommy chong and it was confusing, don't take it off your neck. you don't take the string out. you don't pack it, and you don't smoke it. i love it. >> cenk: i only got it at the very end. oh, i get it. you don't smoke it. i got you. >> at the last minute. that's right. >> cenk: michael, what was your favorite moment. >> when former vice president-- president--president collect gore recognized me by the moniker that you gave me as epic politics man.
4:50 pm
this is back from the iowa caucuses. >> mr. vice president is the is rand paul in that calculous? >> well, that's a great question epic politics man. [ laughing ] >> cenk: absolutely. that's right. into >> cenk: that was moment. vice president gore calls him epic. >> i interviewed eric sheidler and he was trying to spout some nonsense about planned parenthood and their so-called-- >> they make 47% from their bogues. >> i have the numbers in had front of me. you're making it up. it's only 15% of they are revenue. >> i love that. >> wait, wait, wait. >> making that up.
4:51 pm
>> no, you were 100% right. that's what i love. in fact, that's exactly what we said we would do. if you remember on the first day, let's go to e-11 here we promised this for you in the show. >> things that are banned from this show. there are no talking points allowed. there is no teleprompter, so i get the conservatives can't complain about that. and you know what else is banned? being out front in in front of the establishment. we will not be playing softball with the politicians and taking what they say at face value. who are we? we're proud and progressive. there is no question about that. and we are here to punch the establishment in the mouth. >> cenk: i think we've been doing that for about a year now you did not allow talking points in that segment. and by the way one of my favorite moments not a big deal, but when i called the election six weeks before it happened. i'm not saying anything, i'm just saying. >> i think you were shaking in
4:52 pm
your boots after debate number one. >> cenk: no way. in fact, do we have it? fine. >> no republican has ever won election without winning ohio. he's down by ten. we don't have that much time left to go. ticktock, ticktock this thing is over. >> cenk: not a big deal. any way. all right guys. it was a fun year. let's do it again. >> yeah, let's do it again. >> and thank you to our fans who made it happen. >> absolutely. and we have a whole clip we're going to put on that we're going to put there as well. thank you, we appreciate it. we literally could not do it without you. >> and to everyone who works here. >> i don't know about rob. >> yes. >> cenk: "viewpoint" is up next with eliot spitzer. what do you have for us? >> eliot: first congratulations. a whole year, you made it. it is a great show. we love watching it. i have to correct you on one
4:53 pm
thing. you were quaking in your boots after that first debate. i was with you. we both said it. we were both sort of shaking but you were right. that's the good news. we have dick blumenthal with us, he'll be talking about the republican purfidy how they stopped the treaty protecting civil liberty liberty. great show coming up. >> cenk: thanks. we're looking forward to it. when we come back, the elbow of the day. that's always fun.
4:54 pm
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: hunting deutsch was the job star in florida for governor rick scott. something we found out about him. he was taking unemployment before he got that job. now his job is to oversee people taking unemployment.
4:56 pm
from 2009 to may of 2011 he took unemployment. let me give you the specifics on that. he maxed out at $275 a week over 91 weeks. that's over $25,000 in government benefits. now if he really needed it, okay, fine. but it turns out he didn't. he had, for example home in santa rosa beach valued at $602,000. a condo in miami worth $500,000. he admits it. quote, at the end of the day i'm fortunate enough where i work for a very successful companies for a long period of time and luckily sold all my bank stocks and quite frankly didn't have to work. so my wife and i took time off and traveled a good bit. we were in europe several times. so the guy admits, i have all this money. i didn't need to work. and i was in europe vacationing and i took out unemployment benefits any way. is that an abuse of the system? well, it is. against the guidelines for taking unemployment.
4:57 pm
the guidelines are that you have to contact five employers a week. did you contact them from paris. submit proof online and be available for work at any time. how were you going to be available when you were on a fancy vacation in europe. he obviously broke the rules. when you ask him why did you take the unemployment benefits when you obviously didn't need it? an amazing answer. here's what he said. after working for 35 years and finding myself unmr. unemployed during a deep recession. going through the unemployment process has given me a sincere appreciation for those who are doing the difficult job of looking for work as well as the dedicated professionals who administer the reemployment assistance program. how did he treat others? according to the "huffington post," scott and his deo mean
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